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The tongue is a mighty flexible organ it enables licking, breathing, tasting, swallowing and speaking the tongue is a mighty flexible organ it enables licking, breathing, tasting, swallowing. Rough or velvety: the surface of the tongue if you look at your tongue in the mirror, you usually see a slightly white, matt surface the back of the tongue is curved outwards slightly, and in the middle it falls towards the groove that divides the tongue in half lengthwise. Ankyloglossia, or tongue tie, is a disorder in which the lingual frenulum limits the tongue’s range of motion because it is unusually short, tight or thick a person with this condition may encounter difficulties when eating, speaking and swallowing and be unable to stick out his tongue. The tongue is made up of a mobile group of muscles that is attached to the floor of the mouth the top of the tongue is covered with small bumps called papillae the majority of our taste buds are in these papillae. Medications may cause the tongue to turn a dark color, so you can ask your doctor if this is a side effect a yellow tongue can indicate acid reflux or an infection that interferes with the tongue’s natural balance of flora.

what is your tongue The tongue is mainly made up of muscles it is covered with a mucous membranesmall bumps (papillae) cover the surface of back part of the tongue between the papillae are the taste buds, which allow you to taste.

The collected matter in the tongue usually produces a dark appearance, but “black tongue” could also lead to a white, green, brown, or tan appearance, depending on the root cause your tissue may also take on a textured, “hairy” feeling. Every now and then you notice that your tongue (usually a healthy pink) is coated in white while a white tongue is something that can be alarming, there is no need to worry most of the time, the cause of a white tongue is harmless and temporary the surface of your tongue is covered with papillae. Taste, smell and flavor what is generally categorized as “taste” is basically a bundle of different sensations: it is not only the qualities of taste perceived by the tongue, but also the smell, texture and temperature of a meal that are importantthe “coloring” of a taste happens through the noseonly after taste is combined with smell is a food’s flavor produced. So, what can your tongue tell you about your health tongue colour: a red tongue may indicate heat in the body, such as a fever or a hormonal imbalance that is leading to hot flashes or temperature changes a purple tongue is a sign that the circulatory system is backed up, perhaps from a major injury or pain condition there may also be.

A tongue piercing is a body piercing usually done directly through the center of the tongue while the tongue remains a popular site to pierce in the western world, it has declined in popularity since 2011, going from the second to the fourth most popular body piercing for both men and women in britain as of march 2015 standard tongue piercings, or one hole in the center of the tongue, is the. If your tongue is very clean and clear, this is a good indication that your food cravings will be clear and accurate, and according to what your body truly needs if you have a constant coating over your tongue, it is generally believed that you have built up toxicity, and therefore your food cravings may be less than clear, and less than. Normal bumps on back of the tongue having bumps on the back of your tongue is normal if you never noticed them before, you should know that this is the way your tongue should look, because naturally the tongue has taste buds and sometimes they are just a bit bigger.

What your tongue says about your health: nine tongue signs to watch out for by wwwsixwisecom the tongue is an incredibly important muscle that helps you to chew and swallow food, taste (the average tongue has about 9,000 taste buds) and speak. Use it first as a mouthwash, then brush your teeth with salt, including your tongue this is a favorite home cure for the problem that has been effective with some people with the condition glycerin: glycerin is a soft natural substance which helps some people with white tongue. Geographic tongue is a condition in which some areas of the tongue lack the papillae normally present on the tongue surface, resulting in irregular red patches on the tongue with a white border related symptoms & signs.

Regularly inspecting your tongue in a mirror can help you detect issues in your mouth—and other parts of your body—before they become more serious stick it out and give yourself a quick. If you are feeling under the weather, just stick out your tongue - the state it's in can present an accurate picture of your health the colour, texture and moisture of your tongue can provide. A tongue burn is a common ailment typically, the condition occurs after eating or drinking something that’s too hot standard first-aid treatment for burns can also work for a tongue burn a. What your tongue tip reveals about your health when it comes to emotions, you should pay close attention to the tip of the tongue as mentioned earlier, a tip that is redder than the rest of the. What does a white tongue mean [things_needed_1] thrush thrush, also known as candida or yeast infection, is a common cause of a white tongue qi/blood deficiency a pale, white tongue can indicate that a person has a qi or blood deficiency in tcm, white is the color of metal and refers to the lungs and colon this person is probably low on.

Mother tongue and native language have similar, meanings and are often actually interchangeable, however there is a subtle difference native language refers to the language of the area the person grows up in for example, growing up in the united states, your native language would be english it's the language used every day everywhere you go. Black hairy tongue or black furry tongue: a black tongue that is furry or hairy is the most common cause of a yellow tongue this can be due to smoking tobacco, poor oral hygiene, being dehydrated, taking certain medications, or radiation therapy to your neck and head. What your tongue can tell you about your health for clues about problems in your mouth, stick out your tongue and look in the mirror a healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small. What your tongue is telling you about your digestion how well we digest food and drink shows up on the tongue this is visible in the tongue coating and in the tongue color if you see a thick tongue coat, it is time to make some changes.

  • The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth the tongue is covered with moist, pink tissue called mucosa tiny bumps called papillae give the tongue its rough texture thousands of taste buds.
  • A tongue scraper (also called a tongue cleaner or tongue brush) is an oral hygiene device designed to clean off bacteria, food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of your tongue the film that develops on your tongue while you sleep is a good indicator of what’s going on inside your body.
  • If your tongue feels swollen or looks kind of large, it could indicate that you have hypothyroidism, says lamm this means you’re not producing enough thyroid hormone, which also slows down your.

The tongue has the heaviest bacterial amount of any part of your mouth nevertheless, many people do not take time to clean their tongue when you do not clean your tongue properly, you can have negative side effects help yourself avoid bad breath, increased tooth decay, and an unsightly tongue. 'cat got your tongue' is the shortened form of the query 'has the cat got your tongue' and it is the short form that is more often used it is somewhat archaic now but was in common use until the 1960/70s. Tongue problems aren’t often serious however, sometimes your symptoms might occur due to an underlying ailment that requires medical treatment we’ll explain the types of tongue problems.

what is your tongue The tongue is mainly made up of muscles it is covered with a mucous membranesmall bumps (papillae) cover the surface of back part of the tongue between the papillae are the taste buds, which allow you to taste.
What is your tongue
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